Not an Easter Rabbit

Now that the old guy and I have decided to sell our home in the woods and move into town I have been prompted with many memories from the fifteen years here.

We are both retired and encountered health issues over the past year. A quadruple bypass followed by a heart attack for him and arthritis for me has dictated the move. It is too much work for us to maintain all the gardens and cut two acres of grass. Grass cutting does not sound like a big job but being surrounded by trees there is a constant need to groom the area for fallen twigs and branches. That being said we will be heart broken when we move.

Our grandchildren have been able to enjoy nature with us. There are nine in total and they present an abundance of joy and entertainment. Not only do they enjoy checking out the garden, notice I said checking out, not helping out, they love the wild life. One of the highlights over the past fifteen years has been the rabbits which inhabit our property. These rabbits wander around the yard as if it is their own private garden. During the early years I planted a lovely toad lily in the perennial bed and by the time I had returned the tools to the shed it had been eaten off by the rabbits. I devised a plan to rid ourselves of these critters without actually hurting them. I told the grandchildren that they could keep any rabbits they caught. As one batch of grandchildren figured out the ploy there would be a younger group ready to take on the challenge. I was recently asked by Grace and Amelia if they could have two rabbits and of course I agreed.

One of the funniest memories was watching a rabbit race across the lawn and driveway followed by first one cousin and then the second one waving a long stick. They were determined to catch a rabbit. To date no rabbits have been hurt or caught but I think the chasing by the grandchildren has had its affect on them. Today I can walk up the driveway and the rabbits sit a few feet away and watch closely. I stop and talk with them telling them they can eat all the clover in the lawn that they can hold but to stay out of my garden. My garden is left unharmed by them and they grow fat eating the clover. It has reached a point now that the grandchildren can walk with me and by never walking directly towards the rabbits they too can talk to them.

As we pack and prepare to leave our home in the woods we will take many memories with us.


One thought on “Not an Easter Rabbit

  1. Oh you will make great memories in your new place and so will you Grandchildren. I love the thought of them trying to catch rabbits on your lawn and I am sure they will never forget these just like you and your husband will never forget. Take care. B.

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