Book Review-My Own Challenge

I have always been the person in the class or work place to put up her hand to volunteer for a project. This was evident when I retired and had to bow out of the various committees and projects. Working with fellow staff to write training curriculum and then presenting, updating a web site with job aids and sitting on committees to discuss upcoming projects was all part of my working life on top of the job I was hired for.

So it is not unusual for me to accept requests to write book reviews for the Activity 55 Plus Newsletter. I reviewed ‘Scarlet Feather’ by Maeve Binchy and ‘A Trick of the Light’ by Louise Penny. Both of these books are by two of my favourite authors.

Later I was asked to review ‘The RelaNaturalium Path to THE TRUTH of YOUR Life’ by the publisher. Always ready to accept a challenge I proceeded with reading the book and compiling a review. The review is below for your reading pleasure.

The RelaNaturalium Path to THE TRUTH of YOUR Life

Dr R K Relan-author

RelaNaturalium Publishing

Before the author embarks on detailing the journey he includes an opening section called ‘The Overture: Important Terms and Concepts. This is beneficial to aid the reader in navigating the book.

Beginning with the dedication; ‘In memory of my mother who was unloved & abused by my father for 35 years’ I found this book to be dark and negative. The reference ‘Marriage is often a business transaction between two people’ page 60 is very cynical. This is not a light book to read.

On page 67 the author makes the disclosure that he is lacking funding to build RelaNaturalium Resort Institute. He references the concluding chapter of the book and goes deeper into the quest for funding. After reading the final chapter I realized this book is the build up to a request for money for his dream resort to expound on his belief of Naturalis Human vs UnNaturalis Human. This was disappointing as I originally thought the book had a different message.

This book is not something a reader can sit down and devour as they would a mystery novel. If you are interested in learning how this author believes one can find their true self then it may be worth the time spent. The very length of this book is intimidating. I have to ask if it takes 773 pages to get your point across.


4 thoughts on “Book Review-My Own Challenge

  1. You are very good at this book review thing I would find the mere fact of 773 pages daunting it is too bad after all that you did not enjoy the book. B

  2. Lillie, you are to be commended on the sheer tenacity it must have taken to complete reading almost 800 pages of negativity and cynicism, let alone to discover in the end that it was for the most part a sales pitch to elicit funding. In a market saturated with excellent uplifting self help books by well known experts, I can’t imagine that many people in search of a self help book would find this author’s format or tone helpful.

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