Procrastination, noun; the act or habit of putting off to a future time.

The Thesaurus says ‘to delay’.

From the Latin ‘procrastino, procrastinatus, pro for forward and crastinus belonging to the morrow, from cras; tomorrow.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet I am procrastinating about writing a new post.

It is a lovely, sunny morning and I am devoid of appointments or classes and home alone. I gather my paper and pen and go out to the deck.

This darn chair is not comfortable. I must go back into the house for a cushion.

Back to the deck.

The rhubarb is growing like wild-fire; I can’t let it go to seed. Off to the garden to pull rhubarb. Wash, chop, mix pie filling, add to the crust and put into the oven. Oops there is more rhubarb on the counter. I must make two individual rhubarb crisps. Of course I need to clean up the kitchen.

Earlier I had decided that I needed to do a load of laundry and not waste this lovely line drying day; saving on electricity.

Back to the deck and writing. The bell on my washer rings. I must hang out my wash.

Back to the deck and writing. I am working on a longer story and I write for a few pages, developing setting and characters. Then I stop to think; big mistake.

I remember that I planned to write a post and decided to write about procrastination. Change gears and get out fresh paper.

I really need a good definition of procrastinating. Back into the house to find my dictionary. Perhaps my Thesaurus would be helpful. On the way out of the office I stop to check my email. There might be an invitation to lunch, who knows. There is a new email from my daughter and I take time to answer it.

Back to the deck.

The dictionary tells me the Latin which procrastinating is derived from. Wait a minute I still have my old Latin text-book. I must get it too.

Back to the deck.

I am hungry and wanting to be mindful of a healthy diet I decide to go into the house and get a banana. I should check my email again and reply again to my daughter.

Back to the deck.

I sit down to write about procrastinating and fully realize that I am a champion procrastinator. Like the black crow drawn by something shiny I find that my mind wanders and easily finds other things to do. I am an ‘A’ type personality and want everything in its place. I stroll through the house looking for magazines to straighten and find some items for recycle.

Back to the deck.

I can’t find anything else to do; putting pen to paper I begin to write this post. Birds are singing, jazz music is playing in the house. There is no better way to spend my morning, even as a procrastinator I realize that I have completed many chores this morning; so there.


3 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Great job Lillie, I love how you explained the meaning of procrastination, and the way you outlined every way you apply it to your life, it made me smile and nod my head in agreement, as I too am guilty.

  2. Lillie, this was even funnier reading it than it was listening to it in class the other day. I really like your use of repeating “back to the deck.” It’s clever and effective. I am so proud that someone in my class was inspired to blog. I’ve shared the post on my Facebook pages! Keep up the great writing!

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