My Own Monets Garden

It is a beautiful summer day and I am sitting on the deck soaking it all in. The three new houses down from us are being landscaped today. The orange Kubota is moving from front to back dropping scoop fulls of topsoil. Soon rolls of sod will be rolled out like lush green carpet connecting all the other lawns.

The houses on either side of us have been busy planting shrubs and flowers to adorn their yards. They have inspired us to follow and the three lawns are awash with colour. Cone flowers, butterfly bushes, hydrangea, black-eyed-Susan, lilies, hosta and many flowers that I do not know the name of take on the image of a Monet painting. At this time of the summer all the plants are sporting their best finery tempting butterflies and birds to enjoy the nectar feast.

Our supposedly squirrel proof bird feeder is hanging empty but I am leaving it there to taunt the squirrels who emptied it. They climb up and hang off it desperately trying to rob the birds of more feed. Once they give up they move to my neighbours neon green shepherds hook which does have a squirrel-proof feeder hanging off it. The squirrels provide lots of entertainment as they run back and forth to the feeders not willing to admit to being thwarted.

Small caramel coloured chipmunks race along the top of the black chain link fence hoping that a few seeds will drop to the ground and be available to them. They disappear into the woods on the outside of the fence. The trees allow us to believe that we are still living in the country and the landscape tractor is no different in noise than the local farmers working away harvesting their crops.

Colourful butterflies flit through the air, never staying in one place for long but providing another splash of colour in the landscape. Hummingbirds hover over their feeder sucking up sugary red liquid then move on to the flowers for more treats. Yellow finches, blue jays, doves and many more birds share the air space. This is a busy backyard.

I cannot think of a better way to convalesce than to watch mother natures tapestry unfold before me. Next winter when the snow is blowing past the window I will retrieve this memory and feel warm all over.


2 thoughts on “My Own Monets Garden

  1. Your own Monets Garden what could be better than that? Nothing in the least, it sounds like you are settled in and enjoying all that nature and new surroundings have to offer. Enjoy and heal. Nature is perfect for that. Hug B

  2. Such a lovely, picturesque vision formed in my mind as I read about your Monet garden, I enjoyed it very much. I didn’t have to be there to see it as you described it all so well, and I thank you for sharing Lilly. When I need a peaceful, quiet moment I will be able to recall this garden with all its splendor. It sounds like a perfect setting for healing…

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