Chair Yoga

Since my hip replacement in July I have had regular visits from a Physiotherapist who prescribes exercises for me each week. Now I have to admit that I am not the kind of person who likes to exercise by myself. Some of the stretches caused pain and I used that as my excuse to avoid them. As the weeks pass I am becoming aware that I need to develop a plan to follow the directions of the person who spent many years training to become a physiotherapist.

When I awake each morning I have a good stretch and perform the stretches to be done while laying down. I have found that I can’t set aside time to just do an exercise but realize that there can be found time. While my coffee brews I use the kitchen island to stretch my calf and leg muscles. Several times a day I find myself in the kitchen and stop at the island to add to my routine. It does not seem like such a chore when I fit the exercise into other functions.

Last week I found that the Activity 55 Plus Centre was offering a class called “Chair Yoga”. As a practitioner of Yoga for over 35 years I was intrigued by this. For the past few months I have been unable to attend my regular twice weekly yoga classes and find I am missing it. The instructor of the Chair Yoga class is one of my regular instructors and I approached her to discuss whether this would work for me and avoid any stress on my still healing hip. Barb assured me that this was gentle exercise and as always you should not push yourself beyond what your body will accept.

Wednesday found me at my first class. I met three other folks who for varying reasons wanted a gentle exercise program. Everyone was super friendly and supportive. Many of the poses were variations of those I was familiar with from my regular classes.

One hour later I was feeling exhilarated and looking forward to the next class. The body had been gently stretched and lo and behold some of the stretches were the same as my physiotherapist had given me. The class left me with a relaxed body and mind.

I promise to continue with the home exercise program and look forward to the day when I can return to a regular yoga class.


6 thoughts on “Chair Yoga

  1. Lillie, I am so happy to hear that Barbara’s Chair Yoga Class at the 55 Plus Centre is working out well for you. I also love that you are fitting exercise into your other routines. That’ really what makes an exercise plan work–fitting into daily life. Kitchen counters and chairs make great stations for exercises, and since we tend to spend a lot of time in there anyway, why not use the furniture (and maybe a few other things there) for exercise. Maybe we should refer to it as our “Kitchen Gym.”

  2. Hi Lillie:

    It seems slow getting back to a more normal pace. Keep up your efforts. Maybe reporting on your blog will encourage you. I’m starting heart therapy at the hospital—hope it helps.


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