My Point of View or Maybe Just a Rant

Now I have to admit to being a big fan of Christmas. It is not the gifts but rather the music, decorations, food that only seems to be served at Christmas and the general feel of good will to man. As soon as I can find a channel playing all Christmas music I tune in daily but come Boxing Day I am done with it. I like to shop early for family and friends but enjoy visiting the stores close to the big day to observe the unlucky souls trying to find the perfect gift. At this point all thought of budget has gone out the window and they will pay anything to get out of the stores. They are easily recognized by the frantic looks on their faces and the impatient body language as they feel that everyone is conspiring against them to prolong their shopping.

But even with this love of all things Christmas I am about to rant. Recently I saw an ad in which the lady proclaimed that this was not a Christmas advertisement but in the background a chap walked through pushing a flat cart with a fully decorated Christmas tree on it. She continued to flog her product and once again said ‘this is not a Christmas advertisement’, just as a jolly, old elf in a red suit walked through the frame behind her.

The first time I witnessed this commercial, the calendar was still saying it was September, a good three months before December 25th. The temperatures were still hovering in the mid twenties. Not a typical Christmas temperature in this part of the world. We still have not experienced our Indian Summer, Thanksgiving or Halloween. While Remembrance Day is not an official stat holiday for most folks, I still regard it as sacred. My late grandfather, a World War Two survivor, impressed on me the importance of recognizing November 11th by wearing a poppy and attending the Cenotaph for services.

While shopping for fall perennials I found myself walking through a forest of artificial Christmas trees, accompanied by all the decorations on nearby shelves. Can they not wait for one season to end before displaying the trappings of the next?

To my feeble mind this is an example of corporate greed. The sooner they get people out spending money on Christmas the more money they hope to rake in. Why not let people enjoy each occasion as it comes and limit the advance hoopla?

As we close in on December 25th can Valentines cards and candy be far behind? Will Easter Chocolates and stuffed bunnies be following close on Cupid’s heels?

Please Mr. Corporation, let us poor mortals enjoy life in a normal progression. Life passes by too quickly without you pushing the calendar ahead to satisfy your greed.


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