Thanksgiving Cookout

Our family decided to forgo the traditional Thanksgiving dinner of turkey and all the fixings this year; after all, Thanksgiving is about family and time to be together. As our family grows and grandchildren become older it is more and more difficult to have the entire family sit down to a meal together. This is just a fact of life; with shift workers in the family and teenage grandchildren taking on part-time jobs the availability shrinks for each special occasion.

Our daughter has a photography studio on a former camp grounds and suggested we have a cookout complete with a campfire for our Thanksgiving dinner. As the day approached we watched the weather forecast with apprehension. Each day the probability of rain changed but rain always seemed to be in the future. Plan B was set to move the meal to our home but with high hope that the day would not be altered by the weather. Monday morning the sun was shining and we began to put together our contributions for the cookout. An hour later the sun disappeared and clouds rolled in, causing us to wonder if our plans were doomed. At noon we gathered at the campfire and lined up the food on tables. Rain held off and allowed the family to sit around the fire and share and make memories.

Our meal consisted of hot dogs, home-made pizza, and smores all cooked over the campfire. The little ones had their food cooked by helpful Dads, Uncles and cousins. Marshmallow and chocolate smeared on little faces and their clothes but no one seemed to mind.

A football, soccer ball and Frisbee were tossed about. The Frisbee had an unfortunate toss which landed it in the fire pit. Quick action by a Dad rescued it. There was a slight warp in it but it could still be tossed about. The flight pattern was erratic but little ones don’t care as long as they can fling it.

My daughters and I went for a walk down by the falls to admire the beauty of fall colours reflected on the water. Both girls had attended Bible Camp on the grounds when young girls and they began to reminisce about days gone by. Our older daughter had met her future husband at this camp.

The photographer in the family captured the day with family photos. Silly faces, serious faces and wiggly little bodies were all there for the camera to catch. This is one tradition we try to keep going. With nine grandchildren between twenty and three we see lots of changes from one Thanksgiving to another. Not only do we see growing children but a girlfriend also joined the festivities this year. Amy is a welcome addition.

Unfortunately not all the family was there to participate but they were still very much in our thoughts and we will find another opportunity to be with them. Living out of the area and due to work commitments not having a long weekend to travel makes it difficult for them to be home when everyone else is.

I am not sure if this will become a new tradition but it was a perfect day. We have lots to be thankful for……….. family, food and fun.

Happy Thanksgiving.


5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Cookout

  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving, I absolutely love it and may take this into consideration for our next big get-together as our family is growing and we don’t have the room to accommodate everyone. Thank you for sharing your beautifully written post.

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