Happy Birthday Robyn

Today is Robyn’s fifteenth birthday. She asked that I write a blog about her on her birthday. I searched my mind as to how I would approach this request. I will not dredge up embarrassing moments to torture her. Being fifteen can be enough of a torture.

Robyn and I share a love of fashion. Years ago we were both models in a fashion show. It must have been overwhelming for her with all the bustle that occurs in a change room at a fashion show. Clothes are tossed and new ones grabbed to make the quick change and return to the floor to display the clothes selected for you. I have some cute pictures and lots of fun memories of that event.

Robyn and I love to shop. The day is spent having lunch and prowling the stores for bargains. We debate fashion and whether various items are suitable for her. She has even given me fashion advice and told me to step outside my comfort zone and go for more colour. Her advice has always been on the money. As the years pass there seems to be a slight shift in how we each view what is acceptable for her to wear. Our last shopping expedition found us at odds at what was appropriate for a young teen to wear. It seems that I have lost touch with the fashion industry for the younger generation. I still gravitate towards tailored clothes that will be in fashion for another season. The fashion industry is producing a line of clothes for young teens that, dare I say it, are slightly slutty. With promises that she would wear a camisole under it a shear blouse was chosen. After our shopping Robyn commented to her mother. “ Nan and I have different ideas of fashion “.

I hope that we can continue to go shopping but I will need to allow some latitude as to what is acceptable clothing.

We also share the same middle name and share first names that few people spell correctly. When you find monogrammed mugs or plaques there is never a Robyn with a ‘y’ or Lillie spelled without a ‘y’.

I see Robyn growing into a strong, independent young woman. One who knows what she wants and is able to handle all the challenges of an always changing world. It is my hope that she never tires of a day of shopping with her Nan and maybe it will be her turn to buy lunch and treat me to something new in the fashion world.

Happy Birthday Robyn.



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