Old and New Memories

The day has finally arrived. The date that the sale of our beloved house in the woods is closing. New owners will take charge of the woods and gardens. I expected to leave it for one last time in tears but found that we have created many great memories to take away with us. There are the Thanksgiving Dinners, Christmas Dinners, Eggnog Parties and small intimate dinners with family and friends. Also we watched grandchildren chase, in vain, the rabbits in hope that they could catch one and take it home. We had campfires in the backyard and roasted wieners and marshmallows.

Wildlife that entertained us throughout the seasons will never be forgotten. There was the otter that had his own icy slide into the water, the doe that gave birth just off the back yard and the partridge who laid her eggs in the woods.

The gardens developed over sixteen years gave much pleasure but caused work too great to continue. I hope that the new caretakers of this little property enjoy all the lovely yellow daffodils that will pop up next spring in the front woods. Each year I added more bulbs in the fall and the display was grand last spring with yellow and white heads bobbing in the breeze.

I will miss the rabbits and secretly hope that they too will miss our little conversations each morning. They would sit along the driveway; just far enough to be out of reach but still close. I would walk parallel to their location, stop and in a low voice ask them about their plans for the day. Continually I would admonish them that the gardens were off-limits but to help themselves to the clover.

Snowy days in front of the wood fireplace with a good book and a glass of wine will be replaced by snowy days with a good book, a glass of wine and the heat of our gas furnace. The aesthetics is lost but also the back-breaking and dirty work of carrying firewood and later cleaning the ashes out of the fireplace.

We are settled into the new house and feel at home. This will be a place to create new memories. Family Christmas is going to be held here and it will be the start of many more family gatherings. We have already started flower beds, albeit on a smaller scale and the lawn can be cut in a half hour rather than a two-hour project.

Speaking of memories we already have one that began as a bad moment and now we can laugh and share the story with friends and family. Furniture from one house does not always translate well into the space of another home. Such was the case with our antique professors desk. Its first home was the living room but after thinking about it overnight I declared that the livingroom was not working so the couch and entertainment unit were moved and the desk was relegated to the spare room as a temporary office space. The movers had stated that the desk would not fit down the stairs and had to find a home on the main floor. The ‘old guy’ did some measurements and announced that it would fit. Assisted by one of our sons-in-law they tilted and turned the desk and began the trek to the basement. I was in the den when called to the stairwell. Our son-in-law had a deer in the head-lights look and the ‘old guy’ was on the other side of the desk which was solidly lodged in the stairwell. I turned and walked away returning to the den. Soon the sound of a saw could be heard. Yes, the ‘old guy’ was cutting off the ball feet of the desk. This approximately 3 inch difference allowed them to move the desk to the basement. What was left behind was gouges and scratches on the walls and saw dust. Our daughter walked down to view the damage and looked her Dad in the eye, ‘you are going to fix this? right?………..NOW’ she said. Dry wall mud and paint soon had the wall restored to its original glory and the desk which was not level before had now been made level.

With the pressure of maintaining two homes removed ‘the old guy’ and I look forward to many more happy memories in our new home and neighbourhood. Hopefully these memories will not require the use of drywall mud and paint.


4 thoughts on “Old and New Memories

  1. While we treasure the old memories from previous houses, it’s wonderful to look ahead to making new memories, which you are doing. It’s nice to just remember the good times in those “old houses” even though there are others we’d just as soon forget. May you have many good times in your “new” house.

  2. Yes, moving is one of those great transitions–that is when we get older. You remind me Lillie of what we will face in a few years. Or less. However we all look ahead. Roy

  3. Oh Lillie I love your writing. I am sure your memories will live on in your writing and your family who know the stories. New memories in a new home …….well all I can say is “Bring them on” and keep writing them down. Hug B

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