Traditions Beginning and Ending

Every family has its traditions, many centred around Christmas, and today my daughters and I indulged in one of our long-standing ones. Years ago my Mother and I would make hand dipped chocolates until it was too much work for her.

Years passed and I started to make them with my daughters and sometimes friends would join in the fun. They were amazed that we would make twenty pounds or more. We use them as gifts and many people look forward to receiving this homemade gift.

Being ambitious we would make many flavours, cherry, rum, maple, walnut, coconut and the all time favourite, peppermint. It became too difficult to tell them apart when people asked which flavour a candy was, so we made the choice easy and make only peppermint. If you don’t like peppermint you are out of luck.

Looking back at how our tradition had changed over the years I realized that while traditions are woven into the fabric of our life it is ok to modify or drop them entirely. All traditions have a beginning, therefore; it is ok for them to have an ending. New traditions can be tailored to fit changes in family structure and the times.

As our family grows older we have dropped the “Christmas Mouse” story. Each grandchild would receive a gift from the “Christmas Mouse” and a story would be read to them. We have good memories of the Christmas’s we enjoyed this tradition but now it is in the past.

When my husband and I first married we would spend Christmas morning driving his parents around to other family homes. This was great for a couple without children but once we had our own baby my husband would go and pick up his parents and bring them to our house to spend time together. Another tradition altered.

Traditions come and go but family time continues in any form. Like a lava lamp changing colours and shape they are always there still weaving into the fabric of life.

Someday I will see this tradition pass to my daughters and granddaughters but today, a day spent in the kitchen with my daughters is more than a tradition. It is a gift.


3 thoughts on “Traditions Beginning and Ending

  1. How wonderful to be able to spend this time with your daughters, and have such wonderful treats at the end of the day. I hope you don’t give them all away! Family traditions do come and go, and it’s wonderful to remember the old ones, and make new ones.

  2. Oh Lillie this post hits home with me this year. My year of changing traditions. I am so happy you spent this time with your daughters and all those traditions new and old will be passed down. By the way I love peppermint. 😉 Enjoy the season and all it brings Lillie. Hug B

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