Stop Complaining, It’s January !

Quit complaining. This is Canada and it is January so you can expect cold miserable weather. Don’t just sit in the house and whine; get out and enjoy the most invigorating weather possible. I just returned from a brisk walk and while walking I composed this blog post in my head. As Hercule Poirot; Agatha Christie’s little Belgian detective would say, I was working “the little grey cells”.

Walking takes no special equipment. Just sensible, warm clothing which is available in many stores. If you wish to invest in something more vigorous there is always snow shoeing, cross-country skiing and if you are in the snow belt down hill skiing or snowmobiling. Canadians are presented with several months of winter and while it varies from geographic area to geographic area it will always come around each year.

For those who wish for the mild spells or January Thaws please remember what it will do to our vegetation. A few winters ago it was incredibly mild and my lilacs thought “oh good it is time to bud” then when the cold returned the buds were frozen off; instead of a lovely fragrant display in May they presented only green leaves and in September for some reason a few blooms appeared. Farmers rely on a blanket of snow to protect their fields and allow them to produce magnificent crops of hay in the early summer.

If you cannot force yourself to partake in outside activities there are many ways to stay active in the winter months. Health Canada wants seniors to be active and help stay healthy. At the 55 Plus Activity Centre in Napanee there are programs to exercise the body and brain. Enjoy Yoga, Zumba, Painting, Quilting, Writing and many more classes.
Please check out the website:

To increase my level of exercise I often walk to the centre, enjoy my class and walk home; but that is because I am a winter person, born in February.

After an active morning I will give some thought to dinner, often putting on a pot of something to simmer for the afternoon. I can then curl up on the sofa, read, write or watch some mindless movie or television program. There is the obligatory cup of tea, hot chocolate or my fav’, a glass of wine.

At the end of the afternoon I serve up steaming bowls of stew, soup, chili or a hot casserole with hot rolls and the ‘old guy’ and I can settle in for a quiet evening. He enjoys, “you guessed it” hockey and despite the miserable stats of the Leafs he follows them all winter until they pull out their golf clubs.

Now please don’t think that I don’t like the other seasons. I believe that we are blessed to live in a country with four distinct seasons; each offering something special. There is something for everyone to enjoy and of course pick one as a favourite.

My advice today is to not waste valuable days wishing for spring but get out of the house; enjoy a brisk walk; take in the majesty of nature. It will change all too soon to the mud of March or April and then the blooms will appear. No more complaining; please!


3 thoughts on “Stop Complaining, It’s January !

  1. You are so right, Lillie. We are blessed to live in a country that offers a change of seasons, and it’s important to enjoy them all. I’m not as big a fan of winter as I used to be but I am reinvigorating that passion and plan on getting out for lots of walks, hikes, and if we have snow, cross-country skiing. I too enjoy the activities at the 55 Plus Centre.
    I really like that idea of putting dinner on early and let it simmer away. How nice to fill the house with those warm smells to greet you after being out in the cold.

  2. Well Lillie I was going to leave a wonderful comment but I think I will take your advice and get out there. You are so right and I for one am going to stop complaining and get out there. It is snowing now that is what I like to see:) Hug B

  3. Hi: Cardio-Rehab here in Napanee encourage everyone to walk all winter–oh I suppose there are exceptions. They say even the cold on one’s face increases metabolism. Me? I go to the gym in Deseronto and get what they call Cardio Exercise, though I like to walk–most times. See you, Roy

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