Blue Snow

It is strange how a long forgotten memory can be triggered. This week I picked two of my granddaughters up from school, bringing them home with me until their Mom could retrieve them. Snacks of apples, oranges, cheese, crackers and juice were prepared and consumed. They settled down to watch a little television but became restless. Due to the cold they had not been allowed enough time, in their opinion, outdoors at school.

“G and A” asked if they could go outside and play in the fresh snow blanketing our lawn. As an outdoors type I readily agreed if they dressed appropriately. “A” was almost dressed when she realized that a trip to the bathroom was necessary. Bathroom visit completed, redressed “A” followed her sister outside.

The sound of their laughter drew me to look out and watch them race around the backyard. It was not quite dusk but that time of the day when the light changed and the snow was reflected in a bluish tone. This is what triggered memories of my own youth.

After school there was always farm chores to be completed before going in for a hot, home cooked meal, lovingly prepared by my Mom. If I was quick about the chores there would be play time. The air was brisk and I would spend the time running through the snow with my dog or sledding down the snow banks onto the road; not something I recommend. The blue snow cast an eerie but yet comforting glow over the landscape.

It is difficult to explain but it is a joyful memory recaptured that day. The next evening I decided that while I was not intrigued enough to race around the yard I was drawn to briskly walk through the neighbourhood to admire the blue snow. A gentle snow was drifting down, caressing my face and tickling my nose. Returning home my cheeks were rosier than any makeup product could produce and I felt totally revived.

Back to the girls; they threw themselves into the blue snow with wild abandon. It did not matter that they were getting mitts and hats caked with snow; in fact “A” had buried her hat and asked “G” to find it; while she called hot or cold directions. When their Mom was ready to shepherd them into the car for the trip home they both had snowy, tangled hair, snowflake gilded eye lashes, rosy cheeks and were laughing about their time in the blue snow.

So when you hear someone warn children about ‘yellow snow’; ask them if they have seen ‘blue snow’.


One thought on “Blue Snow

  1. Lillie, I don’t remember ever seeing “blue” snow, but I will definitely be on the look-out now. Softly falling snow is so nice to be out in, and you’re right, the brightness on your face when you come in cannot be matched by any make-up.

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