Cornstarch Pudding and Dental Work

Wednesday I had the experience of what is called ‘root coverage procedure’. The dentist and assistant were compassionate and the procedure was completed without any problems.

The problem didn’t start until I became hungry and found how limited I was in selecting foods. According to the post-procedure instructions I should not skip meals but the list of suggested foods was short.

Cool foods, yogurt, smoothies and milkshakes sound like a lot of fun until they become the staple of your diet.  Oh how delicious a hamburger would taste.

This morning I recalled a pudding my Mom always made on Mondays and I knew that it would be kind to my sore mouth but still nourishing. Armed with my tattered and splattered copy of Mary Moore’s cookbook I found a recipe for Cornstarch Pudding with Cherry Sauce and set out to make it.

You have to realize that my Mom was a creature of habit and laundry day was always Monday regardless of the weather. She would make a cornstarch pudding for lunch on laundry day. Mom was a big fan of using starch for our shirts, blouses and skirts and she would tell us that the pudding was made from the leftover starch. As kids this was truly thrilling to think that Mom was so clever and thrifty and that we were eating a laundry product.

The pudding contains three cups of milk and provides excellent nutrition as well as a liberal supply of calcium. I didn’t have any cherries and substituted raspberries instead. After cooking and cooling the pudding in ramekins I spooned the raspberry sauce over each one and placed them in the refrigerator until lunch.

After eating my soft scrambled eggs I offered to share my little ramekins with the ‘old guy’. Digging into the pudding I understood why we believed it was the leftover laundry starch as there is little flavour to it. I would compare it to the thick paste that my grandfather would use to hang wallpaper. The tart, thick raspberry sauce was the saving grace for the pudding.

Isn’t it nice how a dental procedure can lead to a childhood memory?


One thought on “Cornstarch Pudding and Dental Work

  1. Ouch sorry about the pain but laundry product pudding well that is worth the memory:) I love your story. I am pretty sure I am not going to ask for the recipe now, something I thought of at the first of this story. Feel better. Hug B

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