Colder than……..

OK enough is enough. This cold weather winter lover has had it. This morning I was out shovelling the driveway and was stunned how cold it was. Not expecting it to be so bitter I hadn’t taken the time to put on my long johns and was wearing my jeans. Within minutes I felt the pins and needles in my legs. Usually when shovelling I sweat from the exertion but not today.

The wind was strong and if I threw the snow on the north side of the driveway I was rewarded with most of it blowing back into my face. Ok so it makes mores sense to go to the south side even though the snow banks are getting higher and higher and snow has to be thrown up to the top. If I didn’t get it high enough the snow fell back on to the driveway at my feet, grrrrrrrrr.  Why did it seem like such a great idea to take on this job myself? Even with this frustration and extra work I did not work up a sweat.

The end of the drive is always the challenge with the snowplow pushing a ridge of hard packed snow into the opening. The ‘old guy’ can’t shovel due to his heart and we do have a fellow who looks after clearing the driveway but being an outdoor girl I like to take it on occasionally. Today I got a full serving of fresh air and exercise.

Before I finished clearing the end of drive I felt my fingers begin to tingle. It quickly progressed from a tingle to out-and-out pain. Being a former snowmobiler and cross-country skier I knew that I would be in trouble if I didn’t soon go inside. Not wanting to leave a lump in the middle of the driveway I went to the door and asked ‘the old guy’ to find me warmer mitts. Armed with new mitts I finished the drive and was happy to retreat inside. After a cup of coffee I began to warm. I dug out my old snowmobile mitts for the next foray into the cold but won’t be doing that soon.

My heart goes out to anyone who has to be outside for long durations in this weather. On the news this evening there was a story about a young man who was found lying in the driveway beside his wheelchair. He froze to death mere steps from his door.

This intense cold is not to be taken lightly and people need to plan for outings. My daughter’s co-workers laugh at her for carrying a sleeping bag in her car as well as other emergency supplies. Being prepared can very well save a person’s life during a car breakdown.

Even the golf course hill was empty when we drove by at 3:30. On a busy day the hill looks like a Jackson Pollack painting with all the colourful bodies and  a large variety of sleds. The air is full of the music of laughter; but not this day of extreme cold.

Bottom line, I love to be outside and enjoy the winter but one must also respect Mother Nature when her breath blows colder than a brass monkey’s ……………………


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