“March”ing On

With arms wide I will welcome the month of March with all the enthusiasm of a long-lost friend. The temperatures are rising, minus 8 degrees Celsius is downright balmy. The sun is warmer and melting the snow. Daylight stays around a little longer each day. Song birds can be heard along with the raucous crows. Sounds, sights and smells heralding spring.

This winter lover is now ready to move on. Can someone explain why the shortest calendar month always drags on forever? This particular February has given us the coldest temperatures we have experienced in many years. I can tolerate the snow but the brutal temperatures have kept me from enjoying my walks. Enough already February it is time for you to take a hike and take winter with you.

My late mother always proclaimed if March came in like a lamb that it would go out like lion. There are a few flakes of snow scudding about today but I hardly think that qualifies as a lion. This leads me to worry that perhaps old man winter is holding off until the end of March to give us one last blast.

Last fall I planted approximately 100 tulip bulbs. These same bulbs are now buried beneath three feet of snow just waiting for the opportunity to sprout and emerge as beautiful flowers. March is the month to anticipate the coming warm temperatures and flowers.

Maple trees are stretching their limbs and roots. Soon the sap will flow and be gathered to make maple syrup. Forty parts sap will produce one part maple syrup. This is a labour intensive process but the taste of pure maple syrup is so Canadian and so spring.

I have great hopes for how March will behave and even if it is another nasty blast of winter I know that it will lead to April, followed by May and June. Always the optimistic.


One thought on ““March”ing On

  1. I too am optimistic about March. The days are longer, and when the sun shines, it feels so good. Even the “damp” weather today didn’t deter us from getting out for a walk–something that’s easier now that the snow is [mostly] cleared from roads and sidewalks. March for me is a time for hope that spring is coming, and summer will follow. I’m with you: March On!

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