Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival

Saturday morning we set out to visit the Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival. This is an annual event in a small country village with a population count in 2007 of approximately 700.


It was foggy and rainy as the sun had abandoned us for a drizzly cool day.

The event boasts a bus shuttle to the sugar bush, an Art and Photography Show and Sale, Antique and Nostalgia Show, Craft Show, Mini Golf and Petting Farm. In addition the village shops are open to the visitors meandering along the  sidewalks. Cookies can be purchased at the Sprucewood Shortbread Shop, and Antiques, Clothing or Home Decor are available. Maple syrup can be bought at the Town Hall among the Craft Show offerings.

Our favourite event is the Antiques and Nostalgia Show. What constitutes an antique you ask. It is any old collectible that is desired for its age, beauty or rarity. There may be a personal emotional connection for the buyer. It can be anything that someone is willing to part with cash to own. When I saw Corning Ware Cornflower pattern casseroles on a table I smiled as I have the same dishes in my cupboard, a wedding gift to the “Old Guy” and myself.

As seasoned antique hunters we stroll among the tables looking for that special find. We know to look under the tables and through boxes of odds and ends. It is the thrill of the hunt. Dickering a price and walking away with that special item feeling like you have bested the vendor adds to the excitement. That same vendor no doubt feels the winner in the dealing as well.

On the outing I spied a basket of marble eggs and thought that they would be great for my Easter collection and made a note of which table to return to. I had just arrived and wanted to scout out the other vendors first. Sadly for me someone else liked them as well and they were sold when I returned to the table. I broke the rule of not making an offer on a “one of ” item. My loss.

The “Old Guy” found a ledger belonging to a former ferry operator on the Deseronto Ferry. (circa 1920) Before the Skyway Bridge was built the ferry was the only way to travel between Deseronto and Prince Edward County. After some back and forth negotiating the “Old Guy” became the owner of the ledger.

From the entries in the book we learned that this man also did much of the local road work and hired and managed the men on the jobs. One entry showed a man earning 20 cents per hour for his labours. A pair of gloves was purchased for 20 cents.

We now own a little piece of the history of Deseronto, a town only seven kilometres away.

It was a fun day and we thank the organizers for putting on another successful event offering something of interest for everyone.


3 thoughts on “Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival

  1. Warkworth is indeed a lovely village, Lillie. My “old guy” and I stopped for a while on our way home from Peterborough last week. I don’t remember seeing signs promoting the Maple Syrup Festival, but they were likely there. Something to remember for next year perhaps.

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