Celebrating a Birthday With Easter

Good Friday found us as a family celebrating Easter and ‘the old guys’ birthday. Thursday evening; to ‘the old guys’ surprise our son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren had arrived. The plan was for Kevin to cook a special meal for his Dad’s birthday. That evening we worked together to cook two triple chocolate cheese cakes. Kevin stayed up until after 1:30 in the morning to baby sit the cheese cakes to ensure they set up properly and were ready for the eight-hour chill time required.

Friday the girls and their families arrived to wish their Dad a happy birthday and to enjoy the meal their brother was preparing.

I have been teaching Zeke and Amelia to play crokinole, so several games had to be played until Zeke complained that his finger workout had resulted in a sore finger. Tyler’s girlfriend tried to teach Zeke how to play checkers but he hasn’t quite mastered that yet. This is the kid who shows his Nan how to fire up the Wii and play Star Wars games on it. I am sure that it won’t be long before he has checkers down pat as well.

Six of the adults engaged in a game of Queens while Kevin toiled away in the kitchen. There was two newbies introduced to the game so we split into two teams of three and shared the newbies. My son-in-law, daughter-in-law with myself prevailed as champs of that game, this time.

Kassidy assisted her Dad to serve the family a meal of shaved fennel salad, bourbon marinated steak, balsamic gazed broccoli and roasted potato and leek salad followed by the decadent cheese cake. Everyone agreed that the meal was fantastic.

One of the high lights around the dinner table was provided by six-year-old Zeke and four-year old Ruby. Much to the dismay of their parents they engaged in an arm farting contest to see who could make the biggest fart sound. They were actually very good at it.

At the end of the meal we had a clean up and then rolled into the living room to recover from over indulging. We all agreed that it had been a wonderful day of celebrating ‘the old guys’ birthday and Easter.

A special thanks to Kevin for the amazing meal and to Jennifer for bringing her homemade Easter Eggs to share with everyone.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating a Birthday With Easter

  1. Lillie, I wish Mike a very happy birthday, and how nice that it was a surprise. It sounds like everyone had a lot of fun with the games, and the meal sounds fantastic. Well done, Kevin–and helpers. Easter is a time for renewal and celebration, and birthdays are as well. The fact that you get both in one weekend is wonderful!

  2. Happy Birthday to the old guy and compliments to the chef. Arm farting what could be better than that? 😉 What a great day. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend with your family. Happy Easter.. Hug B

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