Homeowner Three: Robin Zero

The past few days have been spent trying to outsmart a very industrious robin. She is determined to build her nest in my flower pots or on window ledges. If she succeeds in setting up housekeeping on the window ledges the windows cannot be opened or flowers planted until she vacates. The challenge for me is to find the nests while still under construction. I will not destroy a nest that is complete with eggs. It is beyond my understanding why the trees at the back of the yard could not provide a lovely, sheltered home for her family. Perhaps the window ledges are safe from squirrels but could still be raided by starlings or other marauding birds.

She is ingenious in collecting building materials. White string, strips of plastic from building materials used in the construction of new homes in the subdivision find their way onto the ledge. Together with dry grass and small twigs it is all cemented in place with mud. Despite not appreciating where she wants to build her nest I have to admire her skills and perseverance.

Mother robin made a big mistake this morning by pecking on the bathroom window and waking me at six AM. The battle was on. I opened the window and pushed the loose material to the ground. She was not to be deterred and kept trying all morning to re-build. Two windows and ledges are mud splattered and I will need to wash the windows.

In the past I have lost the battle with robins building in my window boxes but on the positive side they provided a great deal of entertainment for my grandchildren. We were lucky enough to watch eggs crack and the babes emerge. Over the next few weeks we observed the mom feeding her young and then teaching them to fly.

The much-anticipated days of spring have arrived along with this aggravation; however I would not trade these days for the cold of February. I hope that the robin will find a welcome host to build her nest and raise her young. Wish me luck in my battle with mother robin.


One thought on “Homeowner Three: Robin Zero

  1. Sorry if you lost your battle with mother robin. Jim discovered a nest in the back of our house when he was cleaning eavestroughs, and we now have a family of robins living in their nest perched on our downspout. The mama is very guarded and leaves the nest quickly if she sees or hears us nearby, so we try to be as unobtrusive as possible. It’s fun to watch the two babies poke their little heads up to receive the juicy bugs mama brings. I just wonder where papa is.

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