Happy Mothers Day

Another Mother’s Day without my mother and the memories come flooding back.  As a little girl I would crawl out of my bed and creep up the stairs to my parents bedroom.  Dad would have already left to milk the cows and mom was there waiting for me.  She would entertain me by casting shadow puppets on the wall.  My favourite was always the bunny. Mom would make the bunny walk across the wall causing me to giggle madly.

Each fall dad would leave for a week of hunting and mom would spring into action to get fall house cleaning done.  This was done in conjunction with having taken on the role of farmer while dad was away.  Mom would leave the house in the morning and bring the cows into the barn for milking.  What I remember most is that she would paint the linoleum floor in the kitchen, every fall.  The floor material was very durable but the design wore off long before the flooring needed to be replaced.  Mom would not just paint the linoleum, she would use the brushes and different paint colours to create a new design on the floor.  A system of boards was propped on paint cans to allow us to walk on the floor while the paint dried.  Long before Debbie Travis was on television with The Painted House mom was painting her own creations.

She was a busy woman, mother, wife, farmer and care giver for her father-in-law.  After my dad retired they spent many days at the hunting camp, snowmobiling in the winter and on their ATVs in the warmer weather.  All was great until she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and her life changed dramatically.

While mom is no longer with me on a daily basis her memories are always there to remind me of the caring, loving person she was.

Happy Mothers Day


4 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day

  1. His is beautiful Miss Lillie I would have loved to have known your Mom. A strong hardworking Mom with a love for her children. Happy Mother’s Day and we are both lucky to have such wonderful role models in our lives. Hug B

  2. Although it’s been almost 15 years since my mom died, I still feel a twinge and remember Mother’s Day with some bittersweet memories. Keeping the good memories alive is important. I’m glad you shared yours.

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