Finding a Treasure

Since retirement two years ago my life has undergone many changes. During the period of adjustment I have found a wonderful treasure. The treasure I am referring to is friendship. This friendship takes on many forms. There are the new folks I have met at the 55 Plus Activity Centre and former acquaintances from my youth.  This is in addition to the friends who already enrich in my life.

The 55 Plus Activity Centre offers a variety of classes and through them I have met like-minded people. The Nordic Pole Walking Group goes out twice a week taking different routes. We participate in warm up exercises at the Centre, enjoy our walk and finish back at the Centre with cool down exercises. During the walk we find ourselves moving among fellow walkers and engaging in conversation. Fresh air, friendship and exercise all wrapped together.

I have re-united with people from my high school days. People who like myself have spent the past few decades raising families and pursuing careers. It is just like we had only talked yesterday as we catch up with our lives. It is not just students I have re-united with but teachers as well. These ladies must have been incredibly young in those days as they do not seem much older than myself today.

Not only have I met former friends and teachers but also friends who are friends of friends. I kid one of my new friends that we have six degrees of separation as each week we find a new connection. How we never met before I don’t know.

After some classes there is coffee time at the cafe, laughter is shared as well as some of the challenges we have all faced over the years. We offer support to those friends who need it today. Friends spending time staying healthy and social. It doesn’t get any better.


2 thoughts on “Finding a Treasure

  1. I am a big fan of this six degrees of separation thing. It makes our lives a circle of friendship and support and I think we all agree this makes life wonderful and easier. Yes those teachers must have been very young. Hugs B

  2. Lillie, it has been wonderful reconnecting with my former neighbour. I enjoy not only the time I spend in the classes with you, but also our time after class. You are so right that the 55 Plus Activity Centre provides so much more than “activity.” Perhaps it should be called the “friendship centre.” Great post, and thanks for giving a “plug” to the walking group.

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