A Sunday Drive

What better way to spend a sunny, warm Sunday than with friends on a treasure hunt. After a leisurely drive we arrived at our destination, “Jillian’s’ Antiques and Things”, Marmora.

A small galvanized silo had been re-purposed to house a myriad of collectibles, cupboards, sleighs, bottles, wooden farm implements and so much more. One does not know where to look first.

Moving on we toured a barn, once the home of a dairy operation but now home of more stuff to check out. Pigeons cooed in the rafters. Something was scrambling on the tin roof, raccoons perhaps. I was glad when the tour was over and nothing had leaped down onto my head.

A riot of geraniums, daisies, and trailing blue lobelia spilled out of a Ford Model “A”, an International truck and an old Ford truck. The ‘old guy’ estimated it to be around a 1949 model.

Inside the house more rooms overflowed with antiques, collectibles and candles. A chocolate lab, named Hershey, sprawled across the kitchen floor oblivious to the visitors but more than willing to accept a tummy rub. In a basket in the corner a pair of miniature dachshunds snuggled. (One pure bred, the second a mixed).

We managed to escape with only a tin coca-cola carrier with small coke bottles and a decorative felt pad. I keep saying we don’t need more stuff but once the bug bites there is no turning back.

Our friends snagged large wooden farm tools. I think there is a photo shoot in the future featuring them as the Gothic Couple holding large wooden hay forks and shovels.

Our second stop was a visit with Mrs. Peacock and her antique shop. A great barn contained chairs, dressers, boxes and a giant tooth-brush suitable for the Jolly Green Giant. Mrs. Peacock, an octogenarian, (in the library) remember the game Clue?, offered to serve ‘the old guy’ wine on her patio during our next visit.

Mrs. P made us welcome and shared some of the heritage surrounding her old Victorian home and her late husbands Scottish history.

By this time we were peckish and made our way to a Tim’s for sustenance. Some locals in the restaurant told us about a nearby park with picnic tables. Carrying our food and drink we found a table in a shady spot by the river. Food, friends, conversation and a sunny afternoon was the perfect ending to our day.


One thought on “A Sunday Drive

  1. Sharing a day with friends enjoying common interests, or finding new ones, and discovering new places is indeed a wonderful way to enrich the friendship. Continuing those friendships is important for our health and well-being. Thank you for sharing your outing’s adventures, Lillie.

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