Recitals and Graduations

June is the time of the year for recitals and graduations. As grandparents we have the pleasure of witnessing the accomplishments of our grandchildren.

Recently we spent a Saturday attending a dance recital in which three of our granddaughters performed. This is an event produced by the dance studio to demonstrate the advancement of their students. It is a time for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and family friends to be there to support and applaud the young dancers. The studio does a great job of mixing the more advance students performances with the beginners. It is entertaining to watch the little, costumed dancers so excited to be on the stage strutting their stuff. Some are concentrating so hard on following the steps previously learned, while others are watching the prompter’s off stage or looking for familiar faces in the audience. The more advanced students wow the audience with complicated routines. The most important aspect is to be able to tell your beloved little ones that they were great and how much you loved watching them dance.

This past Saturday we were at the graduation of our oldest grandson from St. Lawrence College. This is the culmination of three years work and a time for pomp and circumstance. Graduates file into the arena under the watchful eyes of parents and family. Tears are shed as grads receive their diplomas. Photos are taken to commemorate the occasion. Pride shines in the eyes of the audience. Parents know that their children are armed with an education and will go out into the world to become valuable citizens.

Two little boys in the row we were in shouted “that’s Daddy” as one of the grads walked across the stage. As the grad returned to his seat the boys called “Daddy, daddy”. The dad stopped and turned to the voices in the bleachers and waved with a big happy smile on his face. A moment to be proud of his accomplishments before his sons. Not all the grads are teenagers or twenty somethings.

Whether you are attending a recital or a graduation these are rites of passage which parents and grandparents are privy to witness and moments of pride all around.


2 thoughts on “Recitals and Graduations

  1. “Daddy Daddy” that was probably the best moment for a father showing his proud sons that it is never too late. Grandchildren I hear give you those “poud to be moments” that never leave you ever ever. What a great thing that is. Congratulations to them all. Hug B

  2. Recitals, graduations, and other “life achievements” are even more special when they are shared with family. You are lucky to have this close relationship with your grandchildren, much of which I’m sure you fostered and helped to grow. Through your writing, and taking courses, you are showing your grandchildren that learning is life-long. Congratulations to all!

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