A Parade of Shoes

This weekend found me at an art event, sitting in a lawn chair, given the opportunity to observe a few thousand pairs of feet as they passed.

It occurred to me that some of these feet woke up thinking about what they planned to do during the upcoming day. Careful attention was paid to comfort, terrain and function but some feet are total fashionistas.

There was the motorcycle boots. Based on the attire of the owners of the feet there would be motorcycles parked nearby. A smart choice for the activity.

A cute pair of black, high heel ankle boots wobbled and I’m sure that I heard the ankles asking the feet “what were you thinking?” Walking on grass and soft earth is not an easy task in heels.

Several hundred pairs of running shoes, in a rainbow of colours, paraded by. By days end the entire body would be channelling a thank you to the feet.

As a shoe lover I was enthralled by all the cute, colourful sandals strolling along the grass path. Many would by comfortable but no doubt after several hours of walking there would be blisters to deal with on some of the feet.

A pair of very high wedge sandals threatened to topple the owner on a slight incline. No doubt the ankles were bracing for the worst and cursing the feet for another poor choice.

A pair of male feet clad in broken down sandals were slipping and sliding along the path. With every step the heels of the sandals slid one way and the heels of the feet the opposite direction. Feet…it is time to toss those sandals.

There was the very sturdy and comfortable walking shoes, likely orthopaedic. These feet were out for comfort and not fashion. Smart thinking.

Baby feet have lots to choose from today. Colourful sandals and runners paying homage to current animated characters could be seen making their way along the path accompanied by adult feet.

A pair of baby moccasins caught my eye. I was glad to see that this soft material was suspended above the path in a stroller.

Before you jump to the conclusion that I have a foot fetish please return to the beginning of the story. I was there to assist “the old guy” at an art festival. I was able to visit with many interesting people, do some people watching and who doesn’t love shoes?


One thought on “A Parade of Shoes

  1. Well now, I love that you are so observant:) I also loved the show and was very happy to be part of the parade in my not stylish but sensible shoes:) Great post. Hug B.

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