Potatoes vs Stuffing

Saturday, during the bi-weekly town market, I opened the purse strings to buy some expensive but delicious strawberries. Despite the wet, cool weather cutting short the season, the vendor had plump, red, fragrant berries.

Arriving home I announced to ‘the old guy’ that I was going to make strawberry shortcake ‘like Mom did‘. Mom’s version was made with a sweetened tea biscuit, split, then covered in berries and piled high with whipped cream. We had our own patch and the berries were plentiful.

The first time I had this treat with my future in-laws I was surprised to find white cake replaced the biscuit. Over the years I have had this dessert on angel food cake, pound cake and in dessert shells. All were equally enjoyed, but in the back of my mind I always believed that my Mom made it the right way.

While walking with a friend today, I was telling her about this and somehow the conversation transitioned into serving potatoes versus stuffing with turkey. My family never had potatoes with stuffing and with her family whipped potatoes were a must. When ‘the old guy’ started sharing meals with my family it was revealed that his Mom always provided potatoes and stuffing with turkey. My family smiled, when at future meals Mom would place a small bowl, containing two potatoes on the table.

This brought up the topic of gravy. We poured it over the stuffing and turkey. Her family covered the potatoes with it. They love their gravy so much that they expect it with ham too.

I mulled these differences over in my mind and concluded that there is no wrong way to enjoy our favourite foods. Cultural and family practices are what makes Canadian food interesting and tasty.

Bon appetit


2 thoughts on “Potatoes vs Stuffing

  1. It is so funny how everyone is so different in what they believe to be right. Well…all I know is that this is the third time I have read this and it makes me crave dressing every time;) hug B

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