An Afternoon at the Movies

Tickets purchased, I waited in the lobby for the girls. Amelia and Ruby entered clutching five dollar bills for the snack bar. Popcorn, drinks and candy treats were assembled in a basket. Taking our seats; we watched the trailers for upcoming movies and then the feature, “Minions” began.

This was to be an afternoon for me to spend time with two of my granddaughters. Now this movie is definitely geared to children with all the spin off merchandise but being one of the oldest people in the theatre I saw it through different eyes. Yellow, noisy, mumbling characters set off on a journey to find a master to serve. After several adventures they find themselves in London, England fighting the evil “Scarlett Overkill” voiced by Sandra Bullock.

The “Roadrunner” cartoon has often been condemned as being too violent so I was surprised at the level of violence in this animated movie. Explosions, runaway wagons and lava guns appeared throughout.

I laughed out loud at a reference to the “Beatles, Abbey Road Album” and wondered if I was the only person in the theatre to recognize the music and caricatures walking across the road.

Children, laughed and squirmed; babies cried, as the one and half hour movie continued. A few times I asked myself “Is it over yet?”  The girls had finished their popcorn and drinks; snuggled into their seats, totally engrossed in the film  I knew that they were having a great time.

The two best things about the movie was spending time with my granddaughters and hearing Amelia say, “I loved it”. ‘Nuff said.


4 thoughts on “An Afternoon at the Movies

  1. Spending time with Grandchildren is precious. I, too, chuckled at the Beatles and a couple of other like clips wondering if they were for we Grandparents! Happy to hear yours loved it as that I was not the response from mine.

  2. I love watching kids’ reactions to things, and it’s wonderful that some movie makers recognize that there will be parents and grandparents in the audience, so they need to have something for them in the movie too–not just the kids. As you said, Lillie, your granddaughter’s response was all you needed to know that this movie was a hit–and that the time you spent with them was equally wonderful.

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