An Adventure in Birdland

The clouds were dark and threatening and my hip was screaming at me. Should I cancel the ‘Nordic Pole Walking’ group this morning? The sky opened and a short but serious rain poured down. Unable to reach anyone at the centre and with my hip easing I decided to go to the centre. I was not expecting anyone to be there but was surprised to find four people eager to walk. The rain had cleared and we set out, deciding on a route near the centre in the event the rain returned. A subdivision with lovely sidewalks provides a safe route for us. On the return trip someone asked “can you hear the birds”? We all stopped and listened. The sound of birds was not that of crows or sparrows on a hydro line but rather of a more tropical nature. It was determined that the sound was coming from a garden shed on a nearby lawn. I could see a blue coloured bird at the window and one of the doors was open. On this day one of the ladies had brought her eight year old grandson along and he was encouraged to walk over to the shed to check it out. I held my breath expecting an irate homeowner to come charging out the door yelling “get off my property” but was pleasantly surprised when an older gentlemen popped out the patio door and asked “would you like to see the birds”. In a unison of “yes” we crossed the grass and he opened the second door to allow us in. A wall was lined with homemade cages containing colourful budgie birds. We crowded in and admired the blue, green, blue grey and the amazing yellow birds. Eager to share his passion with us the gentleman told us that there was a total of fifteen birds and in the winter he moves them to his basement. During the winter months he breeds the birds; all of the ones in the cages had been bred and raised in his basement. In a few weeks he is planning to travel to Hamilton to enter the budgies in a show.

We returned to the centre and finished with our cool down exercises, then left the building to drive home. As we parted a gentle rain returned. The reprieve from the rain gave us the opportunity to meet an interesting gentleman and enjoy a great adventure.


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