The ‘B’ Word

Growing up there was one word banished from our vocabulary…the ‘B’ word…’bored‘. If a child in the household uttered the forbidden word in a typically whinny voice, “I’m bored” there was sure to be a chore or two with their name on it.

Today, as a very mature adult, read ‘old’ I am feeling, wait for it, ‘bored‘. During the past few weeks I have been encouraged by a very high level of energy to be overly active. Long walks, grass cutting, gardening and more have resulted in an inflamed gluteus maximus. That’s right, I have a pain in the ass. One that I can’t blame on anyone in particular.

The hip that I had replaced last year has made an amazing recovery but reminds me from time to time that it wants some TLC. I can enjoy outings with the Nordic Pole Walking Group or Chair Yoga but need to balance the day with quieter pursuits.

Now that I have angered the muscle I find myself wandering around the house looking for the next good book to read, a movie or television program to watch and a comfortable chair. The doctor prescribed rest, ice and an anti-inflammatory. This leaves me annoyed and yes ‘bored‘. Wouldn’t it have been great when I was a kid to have rejected those chores from my parents by merely saying “the doctor wants me to rest”?


3 thoughts on “The ‘B’ Word

  1. So sorry to hear Lillie. Follow your Dr’s orders because I am hoping for a long and warm fall to get lots of walking in. I agree as a child we never used the word bored as we could finds lots to keep us entertained and also knew there were things that could be found for us in the chore line. Take care.

  2. You seem to be filling some of your “bored” time with writing, which is wonderful to read. I too learned not to say I was “bored” as did our kids. That said, taking time for rest and relaxation is important after an injury. I’m sure you’ll find reading, watching movies, and more writing will fill your days–and much better than household chores–although they are always there too. Hugs!

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