Walking on the Dunes

Every nice day in October is a gift. Soon the sun and cool days will be replaced with blustery winds, biting cold and snow. Now is the time to get outdoors and find activities; whether it be cleaning out the flower beds or walking around your neighbourhood. Six members of the Nordic Pole Walking Group traveled to Sandbanks in Prince Edward County; for a walk on the dunes Monday morning. It is a bit of a drive but the rewards are well worth the time. With clouds hiding the sun from time to time it was difficult to know how to dress. Everyone had opted for layers and that seemed to work well.

Mother nature has provided the most beautiful setting along West Lake. A trail of packed sand, in places shored up with wooden walkways snaked among the dunes offering fresh air, exercise and friendship. We stopped at a lookout to view our surroundings before making our way back to the vehicles. Some lamented that we had not packed a lunch to allow us to extend our time at the Sandbanks. The dunes present a landscape like nothing else in this area; a desert like setting with a lake at the edge. It is an artist’s paradise and personally I prefer visiting there in the fall as opposed to fighting for space to spread a blanket on the beach during the summer months.

On the way home we made a stop at a nearby farm to purchase farm fresh eggs. We parked in the driveway and walked into the barn as if we owned it. The farmer has set the business up on an honour system. There is a refrigerator containing cartons of eggs and a can to deposit your money. Honesty must prevail or this business would not survive.

Multicoloured young goats raced over to the fence to check us out and everyone dutifully oohed and awed over them before leaving; some to go home and three of us to enjoy a light lunch at the Painted Peppercorn in Picton. Bowls of roasted pepper and tomato soup helped chase off any chill we felt.

During the walk there was chatter about planning another special destination walk and also a reminder that October has only a limited number of gift days left for us to enjoy. We are truly blessed to have the splendour of fall to prepare us for the winter weather coming our way soon.


7 thoughts on “Walking on the Dunes

  1. Lillie, you are so right about needing to get out and enjoy the nice days whenever we can, as they are sure to be few and far between as winter comes on. That said, we proved that by bundling in layers, and wearing gloves, scarves and hats, you can ward off the cold–and still enjoy being outside. I hope our group will get out for some winter walks. You don’t have to be concerned about bugs or crowds. Warm food and drink always tastes so much better after a brisk outing.

  2. Hi: Your trip to the sand dunes reminds me of the summer–though I don’t remember any crowd. Must have been a cool day. And Lake Ontario just on the other side! A lovely spot. And our Napanee has been lovely as well–as pretty a town ever with the fall colours. RCK

  3. Roasted Pepper and Tomato soup…mmm. Sounds warm and flavorful on yet another beautiful fall day! The sun shines through my office windeow and I think of you. Perhaps a visit with an old friend over a steaming bowl of soup is in order? Love Glo

  4. Our walk on the sand dunes was the best walk yet! I very much enjoyed the fresh air, the beautiful scenery, the exercise and, of course, the camaraderie of the folks in the walking group! Our vehicle also stopped for those wonderfully fresh eggs and a visit with the goats. Wish we had planned better so that the second group could have enjoyed roasted pepper and tomato soup with you, although we did have a nice chat and warm-up at Timmies. Looking forward to one or two more fall walks, and hoping to join in on some winter walks as well.

    1. Thanks Carol. It was indeed a lovely day. Yes we need to co-ordinate and everyone have a coffee/soup together. My hubby and I walked at Lemoines Point today and it was great. Perhaps another destination for us.

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