A Very Different Hallowe’en

While living in the country Hallowe’en was often a quite affair. With a long, dark driveway only the bravest and the closest neighbour children dared to walk to our house. A big year for us was having nine children to dole out treats to and some of those were grandchildren. The small turnout often meant that the ‘old guy’ would have leftover chocolate bars but times have changed.

After moving to town our Hallowe’en last year was very different. The street was flooded with costumed children and adults. ‘Dorothy’ was accompanied by her Dad dressed as the ‘Tin Man’. It was fun to see the adults having as much fun as the little ones. The final tally was 150 trick or treaters’ knocking at the door. Some were puzzled that this ‘old’ couple asked them to sing or tell a joke before receiving a treat. A few complied and we were ‘treated’ with songs and jokes. One Mom shepherding her little “Elsa” around broke into a wonderful version of Let it Go.

The cast of “Frozen” was well represented as well as the usual witches, monsters and ghosts. I wonder if this year we will be regaled with “Minions”?

We seem to have landed in a neighbourhood that takes Hallowe’en very seriously. Over the past few weeks pumpkins, scarecrows, corn stalks and fall mums have appeared on lawns and front steps. One of our neighbours transformers his garage and front lawn into a scary adventure for the little goblins. He has moving witches and ghouls complete with eerie sound effects, creating a ghostly experience for the visitors. I have noticed that he is busy once again in his garage so we can look forward to another Hallowe’en spectacle.

Another neighbour was observed last night building a coffin in his garage and when the ‘old guy’ asked him jokingly who it was for he replied that I had given him the plans to build it and he asked no questions. We all laughed but the ‘old guy’ took a step back.

I have been stocking up on treats and look forward to another year of cute little munchkins saying “trick or treat|”.

Happy Hallowe’en.


2 thoughts on “A Very Different Hallowe’en

  1. Hallowe’en spectacle is just what the children will love to see. I think your neighbours have the right idea. Enjoy the festivities hopefully there will be no Candy left over if you know what I mean. Hug B

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