A One Man Show

The ‘old guy’ and I have attended many galleries and openings for fellow artists. I do not pretend to be an expert on judging art but I do know what I like. Over the years we have purchased a few pieces to enjoy. My ‘old guy’ has had a few shows of his own and it has always been a fun, exciting experience for us.

Realistic paintings of heritage buildings and landscapes unfold on the canvas, captured as memories. Stones, bricks and trees are painted by him with painstaking accuracy. Many families possess paintings of their homes due to his artist talent.

An elderly lady once approached him about the possibility of creating a painting of her family homestead. She no longer lived in the area but the home was still standing. Time passed and she did not confirm the request. One evening there was a phone call from her daughter. The mother had passed away and the family was sad that she had never finalized the request for a painting. The homestead had meant a great deal to her and she often reminisced about it and wanting a painting of it.

The family asked Mike to proceed with the painting. The catch was that they wanted it for the funeral, a few days away. Mike drove to the homestead with his camera and sketch pad. Working around the clock he completed the painting and delivered it to the funeral home, where they had an easel set up at the head of the casket. It was on view for those saying their good byes to a beloved family member, as a precious memory she wanted to share with them.

We now refer to this as Mike’s “One Man Show”.


2 thoughts on “A One Man Show

  1. What a beautiful person Mike is. That painting is a family treasure more appreciated than other things. It is too bad that the woman did not see her home on canvas, but now her family has that treasure. Thanks for sharing that lovely story.

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