A Neighbourhood of Lights

‘Tis the season. Immediately after Halloween the lights start appearing on roof tops in our neighbourhood. The mild fall makes good sense to get this outdoor job completed. It may be a different story after the season but who knows. No lights are turned on until after Remembrance Day; showing respect for our veterans of all ages.

I have reached the conclusion that the light display indicates the demographics among our homes. The young families have climbed onto the roof and strings of lights adorn their homes. Dripping icicle lights, colourful bulbs and rope lights can be seen as the evening takes over. Older families tend to have ground level light displays; nothing that requires an extension ladder. Laser lights bounce off garage doors and house fronts. Nativity scenes remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. Homes with children trend towards blow up snowmen, Santa, Olaf from Frozen and elves standing proud on their lawns.

Some homes have no decoration indicating personal or religious choice; all which are respected by the the other neighbours. The dark homes, the ground level lighting and the roof top lighting all mingle to present a very welcoming neighbourhood.

This neighbourhood is very windy and it is amusing to watch the blow up figures dance in the wind. Sometimes they gently sway on their lawns and other times they frantically twist and jerk about like whirling dervishes. If they ever break loose from their moorings they will take flight and travel to who knows where; perhaps some magical land of Christmas.

Yesterday I strung lights around the sculpture in our front flower bed. Like Chevy Chase I had twisted strings of lights but unlike him I plugged them in first to make sure they worked. As I struggled with them I hoped that none of my neighbours where hiding behind their curtains laughing at me.

A walk around our neighbourhood is a chance to feel the joy of Christmas and exchange greetings with other neighbours out for an evening stroll. A special thank you to all those hard working folks who brave the elements to create a seasonal display that is not about shopping for gifts.

Seasons Best to All.


One thought on “A Neighbourhood of Lights

  1. It’s lovely to see the lights slowly coming out, and on, as everyone around town has their own schedule. We tend to put ours up later and then leave them up a little later. I like it when others do that too. It makes the darkness of the winter seem so much brighter.
    Season’s best to you and your family, Lillie.

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