Nordic Pole Walkers Rock

After a milder than normal fall and beginning to winter we found ourselves dealing with -15 degree C temperatures this morning; with wind chill it felt like -24 degrees C.

Last night I received emails from the members of our Nordic Pole Walking group that they were looking forward to walking in the morning. Two people had to cancel but by 9:30 four ladies arrived dressed in layers and ready to walk. We kept to cleared sidewalks to avoid any nasty falls and walked in sheltered neighbourhoods hoping to diminish the effects of the wind chill.

After almost 45 minutes we returned to the Activity Centre to stretch out those cold muscles. Some folks experienced cold hands but for the most part no one was seriously cold. The poles did not like the cold and had to be adjusted for height. We assumed that the cold was causing the metal poles to contract. It was unusual for more than one person to have to make any adjustment to their poles.

The group reconvened at a coffee shop to enjoy warm beverages, chatter and laughter. Several tales were shared about baking and Christmas stories. A story that had all of us holding our sides with laughter related to how one clever husband decided to keep the Christmas tree from being toppled by the cat. A hook was inserted in the ceiling and the tree tied to it. Unfortunately the tree was not as tall as the ceiling. The children enjoyed walking up to the tree and giving it a push to watch it sway. It did solve the cat problem as the cat was not happy to leap on a tree that moved about.

Exercise, friendship and laughter, the perfect way to begin the first week of 2016.


4 thoughts on “Nordic Pole Walkers Rock

  1. Well now I am sorry I missed that. I really will want to hear that story at a later date. In my defense in missing the fun class, I was out in the cold dealing with farm stuff, and yes it was extremely cold. No laughter or stories, were shared with my girls only in my head while I worked. Next time for sure. Well I hope:)
    Hug B

  2. There were five of us, including you, Lillie, and we definitely get bragging rights for keeping our Monday morning tradition. Thanks so much for keeping us going. The stories we shared did indeed warm our hearts as does our friendship. I noted that we’d been almost as long in the coffee shop as we were with our walk and stretch, but that’s how it should be on a day like today!

  3. Without the ladies in the group I would not have ventured out on this chilly morning for sure!! I am sure you gathered a few stories this morning Miss B. I was surprised at the time when I got in the car as well. I look forward to our time together and hope the weather does not deter walking the remainder of the winter.

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