Walking the Dogs

A beautiful sunny, crisp Sunday morning finds the ‘old guy’ and I walking the cleared track at the local fairgrounds. Other walkers happily greet us; some with dogs and others just enjoying the company of a friend. One of the couples had a black and tan hound with them. He spied black squirrels across the centre of the track and was off stretching his body out straight as an arrow sailing across the snow. By the time he reached the tree the cheeky squirrels were well up the trunk and smiling down upon the hapless hound. After staring at the prey he soon turned his attention to another pair of squirrels well across the snowy ground. Once again he did not catch the squirrels and likely never will. What drew our attention was the colour of his long tail. Standing straight up from his back was an orange tail. This is not the usual colour for a black and tan hound and we mentioned this oddity to the owner. She smiled and laughed while explaining the colour to us. The hunters in her family were afraid that the white tail of their dog waving in the bush would be mistaken for a white tail deer and using hair dye changed the colour of the dog’s tail to orange. It has not faded out as quickly as expected but it doesn’t seem to be bothering the hound. It makes him distinctive.

Another dog owner found his own method to exercise his dog. The snowy roads through the fairgrounds have been pounded down and cars can drive along them. This not so industrious dog owner simply drove at a slow rate of speed while his happy dog chased along beside the car. Personally I think the driver would have benefited from parking his vehicle and walking with the dog. Perhaps he had health issues so I should salute him for taking care of his pet. I should not be so judgemental.

Every walk in the snow is an adventure and a chance to chat with other brave souls out walking on a cold winter day. We are blessed to have a place in the middle of town to enjoy this social outing.


One thought on “Walking the Dogs

  1. Doris and I are not much for walking during the winter though I keep up my attendance at the Deseronto gym. Since it will be nice to-morrow I may go ice fishing–lots of them out there this weekend getting their exercise and fish too, I hope. Keep up your walking–you don’t have to pay gym fees. Roy

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