Social Event

There is no such thing as a quick trip to the grocery store when you live in a small town. Not only do you know the staff but also most of the customers. On a recent snowy day I found more than the usual number of folks stopping for a visit. Aisles were crowded as shoppers caught up on the latest news in the community. Snatches of conversation were heard as I navigated the store. I suppressed a smile when I heard my last name mentioned. A gentleman was rehashing a letter to the editor in the recent paper. The writer was a cousin of the ‘old guy’. I was tempted to add my own comments but was able to keep moving and let the conversation unfold between these three people. The big topic rotated around plans from the council to turn a local park beside the river into a boat launch. This plan is generating a lot of discussion in the community.

Today I managed to avoid being part of the traffic jam and only waved a quick hello to fellow shoppers.

After picking out my weekly groceries I arrived at the busy check out and resigned to have to wait in a long line but I heard a voice say “I can take someone over here.” Quick as a bunny I whirled about and won the coveted spot of first in line and I accomplished this without knocking over any other shoppers. The cashier was a long time acquaintance and we chatted about the weather as she scanned my purchases. The temperature has taken a plunge and the sweet winter we have been enjoying is now cold and snowy; at least for a couple of days. The Canal Bash is planned for this weekend and while the canal will be frozen for skating it may be dangerously cold for the revellers.

A trip to the grocery store is a necessity but quickly becomes a social event. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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