It’s a Snow Party

All that was needed was the barbecue and cold beer. It had snowed all day filling driveways and the street. About 3 PM neighbours began to emerge from their homes to shovel and use snow blowers, despite the fact it was still snowing. No one seemed angry or bummed out with the work ahead of them. Perhaps this is due to the gentle winter we have experienced so far.

This idyllic scene changed to chaos. The street had only been ploughed once during the day. There was a single lane allowing emergency vehicles to pass but when a neighbour backed her SUV out of her driveway she became stuck across our driveway, almost blocking the street. Slick, summer tires saw her spinning in place, despite the best efforts of neighbours to push her out. Things became more interesting when the public utilities snow plough lumbered around the corner and came to a stop. It was a Mexican Standoff. The large plough certainly outsized the SUV. The driver donated a few shovels of sand to be spread under the SUV tires and then with care squeezed past the vehicle. Our neighbour, with pushing from others managed to move forward and park on the newly ploughed lane.

A kindly man with a snow blower cleaned out her driveway and allowed the SUV to be moved; but not before a hapless driver came around the corner and found he could not continue down the street. Thank goodness for reverse gear.

The same young man then turned his attention to our driveway and began blowing the knee deep snow. I kept shoveling to clean up and before long we had a clear driveway. A second man came up the sidewalk clearing it to our driveway and then nice man number one took care of the balance of our sidewalk in the other direction. He then crossed the street to a lady attempting to clean her driveway and finally wandered off up the street looking for more folks in need of his assistance.

And then…….. in the morning the snow plough returned and rolled huge amounts of snow into the end of driveways. I went out planning to clear it when a neighbour arrived with his snow blower and began the process of removing the snow. He didn’t stop with our driveway but cleared next door and then the group mailbox. Great neighbours, it was almost like a party.


One thought on “It’s a Snow Party

  1. We had a bit of a “shovelling party” on our street, as I’m sure happened in many neighbourhoods. It’s great when that happens, isn’t it? Rather than the cold beer and bbq though, warm beverages and indoor meals were probably preferred. Walking over to the County Courthouse today, I noticed that some folks had only shovelled as little as necessary to get onto their walks and out of their driveways, and I passed one house where it didn’t look like anyone had emerged from inside at all. There is still a lot of snow to clean up, but soon enough the weather will be warm enough for those neighbourhood parties–without the shovelling.

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