Hunting for Treasures

There is nothing quite like the quest for that special treasure at an antique or collectibles sale. Even with the house filled to capacity there is always room for something else. Over the years we have collected wooden trunks, a spinning wheel, benches, lanterns and more. Today we are a little more selective to avoid being classed as hoarders with an overflowing home.



The best treasures can be found in boxes of junk or under the table. Bending your back to check what lies beneath the table is well worth it. That is where I found a delightful, pink, folk pig. We have named him Arnold and he holds court on a table in the hall.



Going out antique hunting with my friend Thelma is always an adventure. We travel under the pseudonyms of Thelma and Louise. Yes she owns a convertible and I promise you that I will never ride in it near the Grand Canyon.

After a day of rain, at an outdoor antique show, we were walking into booths that vendors had put down straw to soak up the water. One booth had sheets of plywood creating a walkway into their display. This solution did not get rid of the water and when Thelma stepped on the plywood it shot across the booth, like a surf board. She was not injured and we laughed ourselves silly over this new sport.

If Thelma and I can’t find a lovely treasure to negotiate a price on we start looking for the ugliest item for sale. We discuss at the length the ugliness and where we would display it in our homes. Any vendors who hear us are probably not happy with our conversation. We determine that the item is perfect for each others home; as neither of us want to be stuck with it. The solution to this dilemma is to share the ugly tchotchke for six months at a time. Needless to say we do not buy it.

As an avid reader of mystery novels I often see items that would be wonderful murder weapons in a novel. On one occasion I picked up a heavy, marble ashtray. It was diamond shaped and fit perfectly into the palm of my hand. I turned to Thelma and announced that this would make a great murder weapon. The lady on my other side took two steps back.

Spring is beckoning and soon we will be on the road looking for outdoor sales to spend our time and maybe a few dollars at. There is an indoor sale at the Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival , March 12th – 13th 2016. I will be the lady looking like she is on a mission.


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