Packing, and Reading Socks

Packing, weighing, to respect weight restrictions, repack; that is how my afternoon was going. Finally I feel I have the wardrobe I need and will be legal for travelling by air. This time next week I will be exploring Dublin, Ireland with my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. We will be visiting with their son, my grandson, who is studying in Ireland. It will be an adventure of a lifetime. Sadly, the Old Guy has decided to stay home and keep the home fires burning, not that we have a fireplace anymore. He will be missed but we will keep him updated on our travels.


After all the packing I need to kick back and day dream about our trip. I pull out my comfy, cable, reading socks; yes there are such things as reading socks. I won these in a contest along with an afghan and today is a great day to make use of them. The day is dreary and rainy, a perfect day to curl up on the couch and watch a chick flick. I had previously recorded the movie “The Holiday” with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. After breakups, they trade houses for the holidays and new romances are sparked. Diaz is in England and since I will be travelling there as well it just felt good to watch.

Armed with a glass of Disaranno to sip on, I settle in to enjoy the movie. A perfect way to spend an afternoon while looking forward to my travels.

SAM_0831 I plan to return in April with  lots of great stories to share with my readers. I promise not to bore you to death. Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Easter, I know I will be enjoying these days.


2 thoughts on “Packing, and Reading Socks

  1. I’d forgotten about your “reading socks” and you’re right–it was the perfect day for them. I hope you enjoyed the movie, and your reading time. You are so well organized, and I’m sure that while there may be a few little changes in what you’ve packed, you are, as the saying goes, “Good to Go.”
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful time in Ireland and England. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures, and you will indeed have many stories and photos for this blog.
    If “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” then you and the Old Guy will indeed have a fond reunion when you return.
    Have a wonderful time

  2. Oh I loved that movie. You are going to have so much fun and I look forward to reading about it right here. Safe travels my friend. Love those socks. Hug B

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