An Adventure Begins

Our adventure to Ireland began at the Toronto Airport. This senior citizen triggered the alarm during the security check. I was sent back to go through the scanner again and again. The customs agent questioned if I was wearing bangles, ankle bracelets and what was in my pockets; all the while people stared. My daughter and son-in-law were behind the agent waving their arms and pointing at my hip. How wonderful that I have recovered so well that I forgot about my artificial hip even though I had procured a letter from my doctor to present at security.

The agent directed me to stand over to the side; while I mumbled over and over “I have a doctor’s letter”. A second agent, a female, directed me to stand even further over to my right, hold out my arms as she proceeded to wave a wand over my body. This was followed by a “pat down”. A thought flashed through my mind, ‘oh my god would I have to show my scar?’ How much did I have to share? She then asked to see the bottoms of my stocking feet. I smiled and told her that she would have to let me lean on her or I would fall over if I had to stand on one foot at a time. My balance is not what it once was. Patiently she agreed as I lifted first one foot and then the other. I was finally approved to continue with my trip. I was deemed safe with no contraband or weapons and my hip was great.

This process continued every time I had to go through security before boarding a plane. No one wanted to view the doctor’s letter. The trip from London airport to Dublin also entailed an x-ray. I asked if they could see the screw in my hip and a rather dour agent said “no”.

While these checks seem over the top because I know that I am a good person with no ill intents; I constantly reminded myself that these hard-working people were there to ensure our safety.


3 thoughts on “An Adventure Begins

  1. Good to be serious and not too flippant with the security folks, but sounds like you broke the ice by telling the one agent you’d have to lean on her to prevent falling. You’re right–they are doing their job to keep us safe, and it must be tedious for them as well at times. Glad you can laugh about it now. Looking forward to hearing about more adventures.

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