An Irish Poet

While I was walking around Dublin I met an Irish Street Poet. As a writer this was significant for me. Pat was old, wrinkled and what you would call a real character. His long, white, wispy hair poked out from under a slouchy hat. Several of his books were lined up along the concrete and metal fence and he sat on a stool ready to talk with anyone who stopped. I took my time examining the books and finally picked one I would like to own. Pat was happy to autograph the book for me.



Silly, hand written signs were hanging from the fence; ‘Student rate: 10% higher, Special Rate for lady’s eating a banana’. When we passed by this site another day we realized that the signs covered up more official ones stating No Casual Peddling on this Site’. Apparently my poet was a sly one.

Pat told me that his brother left Ireland in 1966, to take up residence in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. They talk on the phone and Skype regularly but his brother has not returned to his home country in fifty years. Plans have been made for a reunion this coming October. Pat is very excited to welcome his brother back to Ireland. With half a century of time passing there will be many changes for both to absorb.

His poetry is a little outlandish but it was such fun to meet him. He says he is living his dream “selling his poems on the street of his city”. A true gem from my wanderings in Dublin.


2 thoughts on “An Irish Poet

  1. That was indeed a wonderful gem from your wanderings in Dublin. You not only met a writer, but one who knows how to play a good marketing game! I hope you will be able to keep in touch with Pat and find out how the family reunion goes. Can you imagine the wonderful poetry that will come from that?!
    This is a great travel story telling us a bit about this small part of Dublin and a wonderful character. That truly makes the story memorable!

  2. Oh, you know that is what makes life worth exploring. To meet “characters” like Pat who do it their way. Oh, those are what the best stories are always made of. The best writers know that. I am going to love reading your stories about this trip. You are as interesting in what you do, just as this Pat character:) Both doing what you love and are meant to do, your way.Hug B

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