A Summer Addiction

It has arrived; my summer addiction. I can’t find enough time to satisfy my need to read. Some books are devoured, like a favourite food, in a day or 2 tops. Mary Higgins Clark, Debbie Macomber, Louise Penny, Carolyn Hart. Robert Galbraith and the list goes on. My taste leans towards what is known in the industry as cozy mysteries. Also; I love to read stories of women facing tough times and how they triumph by the end of the story. They are a trifle predictable but authors like Debbie Macomber make the journey interesting. ‘Between Friends’ is a collection of correspondence between childhood friends and family, ending when they are senior citizens. Macomber weaves their lives together and keeps you reading to discover the outcome.


Louise Penny is releasing her twelfth novel featuring Inspector Gamache and like a child waiting for Christmas I am counting down the days until the release on August 25th. Penny takes the reader on a journey in the fictional village of Three Pines in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Her characters are rich and quirky; throughout the stories readers senses are tantalized by the vivid description of the food served in the Bistro.

Reading also inspires me to write. These authors create a world that invites the reader to step into and become a part of the characters world. I savour the story like a delicious meal, one to be enjoyed and appreciated. So if you can’t find me this summer; I will be sitting in my favourite chair on the deck; immersing myself in the latest novel I have picked up at the library.


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