The Lure of a Home & Garden Tour

It is a big mistake to sign up for a Home and Garden Tour and not expect to be lured into making changes at home. Saturday found the ‘old guy’ and I following the map around dusty country roads and then into a local village and finally our own town. Earlier we had sat down with the map and laid out a route that would make the best use of our time. In the beginning we were discouraged as the map provided to us with our passport was not very well laid out for the first stop which we had selected. After coming to the end of the road indicated with the directions; we stopped and punched the address into the GPS; yes we should have done that first. The directions provided by the GPS informed us that we were 5 minutes away from the house. Based on the different roads we would never have found it on our own but it was well worth the effort. The brick farmhouse was built in 1891 and has been thoroughly renovated but still maintaining its original character. After touring the house we explored the extensive gardens. An in-ground pool featured its own bar, bathroom and change-room. The grill had a separate shelter near-by. Beautiful gardens filled with blooming perennials were everywhere. Now this is where we get into trouble. Our move from the country was to downsize and eliminate all the garden and lawn work. Standing in the middle of this paradise we began to envision how we might incorporate more garden beds in our lawn.

Our next stop was an amazing B&B with more extensive gardens tiered down to a lake. The interior was decorated in vintage style and rooms featured their own fridges and coffee makers for the guests to feel more comfortable.

The next stops ranged from an old rescued school house to modern custom built homes. By the end of the day were were tired but inspired. It was time to sit down and re-evaluate our priorities. The garden ideas are for fall and maybe by then we will have calmed down and realize how much work we are looking at.

To satisfy our creative urges I started moving items around in our house. It is still classified as a new home and not a Victorian home. My friend calls me the “queen of vignettes” and I had great fun creating new ones with the found items. Hopefully these changes will curb our need for change, at least until the next Home and Garden Tour.







3 thoughts on “The Lure of a Home & Garden Tour

  1. I love your new touches. I can only imagine the work that will come from that tour. Sorry I missed it, it does sound inspiring maybe too inspiring. Hug B

  2. I understand about the gardening. We moved to a condo to have less work. I’m addicted to flower beds! And even here, I’m expanding the beds around our unit. I have to force myself to look straight ahead when walking past the garden centers! Good article.

  3. When we are home we want to make some changes and are often inspired by others. But then we travel and want to do more of that. For now, I would rather spend my time and money travelling and admire the beautiful homes and gardens in the area, including yours, Lillie.

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