An Afternoon on the Golf Course

It was cold, windy and of course some rain fell. The ‘Old Guy’ and I had volunteered to be spotters on the second hole of the Napanee Golf Course. What is a spotter you ask; well if any of the golfers in this tournament scored a hole-in-one on this hole there was a prize of $10,000. This is a great incentive to sink a hole-in-one but also necessitated having spotters to confirm this momentous event. The tournament was organized by the Napanee Kinsmen Club as a fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis.

The middle of June is not supposed to feature such cold and windy weather. Armed with our lawn chairs, extra jackets and a blanket we set up under trees beside the green. Whenever we observed a left handed golfer teeing up we would stand, ready to step behind a tree. It seems these folks often saw their golf balls travel in our direction. To be fair it was not totally the fault of the golfers as the strong wind carried many of the balls away from the elusive green. A beautiful long drive would hang high in the air and then plummet to the ground anywhere but the target.

To the credit of the golfers they remained in great spirits and joked about the weather and took time to chat with us when they passed our way. After the first round that featured golfers in tee-shirts and shorts we observed there had been a change in wardrobe. Obviously they had stopped in the parking lot before starting the back nine to rummage through their vehicles for warmer clothing. One chap appeared still wearing his red shorts but sporting a fur lined winter hat with the ear covers dangling in the wind.

When the beer cart gal appeared we asked for coffee but alas she only had cold beverages. A quick text back to the club house and like magic a golf cart appeared with a driver and rider delivering two cups of hot, black coffee for each of us. It was much appreciated and helped warm us up even just holding the cups tight in our hands.

By the end of the afternoon no one had sunk a hole-in-one, not even close. The golfers assembled in the club house to share their stories of the afternoon and watch the big screen TV and Brooke Henderson make history as the youngest winner of the Women’s PGA. A steak dinner was served and as volunteers we were invited to enjoy it with the golfers.

As soon as I arrived home I started a hot bath running and by bed time my body had warmed up. Even with the cold wind and short rain shower both the ‘Old Guy’ and I agreed that it had been a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


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