How Hot Is It?

As a winter lover I am wilting in this 30 degree plus heat. Whenever I hear someone say how much they love the heat and it can’t get hot enough for them, I smile on the outside and cringe on the inside. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I think the heat lovers are overlooking people who must spend their days working in the high temperatures and humidity. Mail carriers, construction workers, farmers, gardeners and what about the fire fighters in their turnout gear struggling to save your home or business? We all benefit from these workers.

Construction workers toiling on black asphalt are making our roads better and safer. Imagine standing for eight hours flagging traffic around the site. All the trades required to build a house for families are subjected to the heat.


In my teen years I worked in the fields on our family farm to bring in the hay. It must be harvested in hot dry weather. One particular day stays in my memory. I recall drinking cold water each time we brought a load of hay to the barn. Returning to the house and after eating a healthy meal I immediately became sick. I went outside as our home did not have air conditioning and curled up under a tree and slept. Yes, heat is not my friend.



When you go to the beach or play in a pool remember those who are not able to enjoy the summer heat on the same level as you. Please try not to brag about how much you love the heat. If you do brag I promise I will return the favour next winter when the temperatures plummet and a wind chill sets in.  



3 thoughts on “How Hot Is It?

  1. I hear you, Lilly. Although I’m no longer a fan of cold winters (which is why we head south) these humid days drain me. I don’t mind the heat nearly as much if it’s dry, like in Arizona. But still I wouldn’t want to be there in the summer when the temperatures rise well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Hope you have a/c where you live. 🙂

  2. When I was walking downtown this morning, I noticed a couple of guys doing a roofing job! I felt sorry for them as I know it would be hotter on the roof than on the ground. I do think about, and appreciate the work done by those who have to work in the heat, and I’m sure they’ll join you welcoming the cooler weather. I look forward to you bragging (more) about how you love the cold.

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