Macrame: Is Making a Comeback

According to the Toronto Star, July 15th issue, macrame is making a comeback as an art form and decorative trend. I smiled as I read this article. Long forgotten memories of my mother and I taking on macrame projects bubbled to the surface. I had purchased a ‘how to’ book and we spent hours reading and re-reading the instructions. An avid knitter and handy with a crochet hook she believed that this was not beyond our skills. We settled on a plant hanger project and traveled into Kingston to purchase the required jute.

Once home we set about measuring and cutting the jute. We were able to complete our first plant hangers that afternoon. Over time we added colourful beads to our projects and before long our homes featured several plants hangers with spider plants and ivy trailing down. I attempted to make purses and wall hanging as well but always returned to the plant hanger. More complicated patterns were added to our repertoire. Then like many fads we lost interest and slowly the hangers and plants disappeared.

Maybe the resurgence of this craft will bring others mother and daughters together to create. Kids home from school for the summer can easily be taught this art form and it is relatively inexpensive. My macrame days are long gone but not the memory of fun spent with my mom.


One thought on “Macrame: Is Making a Comeback

  1. I too remember the days of macrame, when we had a young family and little income. I wonder what all our relatives really thought of the amazing macrame gifts they received! LOL

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