Breakfast With a 7, almost 8 Year Old

“How did you learn to cut up peaches?”

“Can I throw my cup in the sink?” Thank goodness for plastic.

“Does Poppy still feed the fish the same?” Meaning he thinks too much.

On the death of the actor who operated the levers for C3PO; “I hope the new actor is good too.” Is C3PO still part of Star Wars, I wonder?

“Canned peaches are better than fresh.” This was followed by a discussion as to why he believes that canned is better than fresh. There was never a consensus reached on this deep subject.


“Is there sugar on these peaches?”

“I asked Mom if I could take my birthday off from school. Her answer “Maaaybe” in my head means no.”

“Remote control cars are fun until they don’t work anymore.”

A pedal car can have 2 wheels until I mentioned a little thing like stability and then he decided that 2 wheels does not work for a car.

This is some of the conversation between my 7 almost 8-year-old grandson and I as we shared breakfast the last two mornings. Sometimes the conversation was wordless and consisted of rolling eyes, raised eyebrows and tilting of heads. Only a Nan and grandson can carry on this type of conversation.

I will always remember breakfast with a 7 almost 8-year-old grandson even if he does not.


3 thoughts on “Breakfast With a 7, almost 8 Year Old

  1. Time spent with young children is always time well spent and usually very educational–for the adults, and perhaps the kids. Yes, you will remember these times–even if they don’t. Thanks for sharing a slice of your life, Lillie.

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