Summer’s Grip on September

Despite the heat and humidity fall is in the air. My glorious flowers are starting to show their age. The vibrant, fuchsia petunias still proudly show off their blooms but are now on long, leggy stems. Morning glories are climbing over the fence in the backyard. Pots of yellow, bronze and red mums are appearing on front steps. Giant, red hibiscus snuggle up against the hydrangea, knowing all to well that soon the dreaded ‘frost warning’ will destroy their beauty.

Past their glory
Past their glory
Climbing the fence
Climbing the fence
Waiting for frost
Waiting for frost

Squirrels are busy hiding nuts. We watch them scurry about the lawn with their treasurers clamped securely in their jaws and shake our heads when we find they have dug holes into our flower beds to hide the nuts. Birds are busy flitting about the trees. Saucy blue jays screech from the tree tops; while a flock of starlings complain nearby.

The air has a smell of decaying foliage and grass. Fall is creeping closer as summer fights to keep a hot grip on the days of September.

Do not expect to see trees take on the mantel of fall. The reds, oranges and yellows of autumn will be tempered with dried browns.

During a walk crickets can be heard chirping; a definite sound of fall. Evening walks now take place as the daylight recedes.

I am looking forward to pulling out my sweaters, socks and jackets. Don’t get me wrong I am not courting cold, bitter temperatures; just cozy sweater weather.

The big yellow monster pulls up on the street and gobbles up the children, only to return at the end of the day and spit them back out. Yes, the routine of school has returned in the neighbourhood. After school activities begin as well, with hockey and figure skating sign ups.

Fall programs are being advertised for adults. Those who have spent the summer at the cottage or relaxing on their decks are wooed back to exercise and arts programs in the community.

Ahh, even as a retiree I look forward to routine and the change of seasons.


2 thoughts on “Summer’s Grip on September

  1. Lillie, your flowers are very much still in bloom and it’s wonderful to see the vibrant colours. Summer definitely does have a grip on September and I hope the letting go into Fall is gradual, just as the sunlight fading a little earlier is. I too welcome cooler weather, but I hope it does not come too swiftly.

  2. Love the way you summed up the school bus and it’s real intent. Your flowers are beautiful. I love the fall and sweaters and time spent with friends over coffee without ice. Hug B

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