Wine Tour Times Two

Last weekend ‘the old guy’ and I had the pleasure of taking 2 wine tours in Prince Edward County.

Friday, our son and daughter-in-law picked us up and we traveled to the County Cider Company in Waupos. We ate pizza cooked in a wood fired oven; accompanied by a glass of locally made cider.  Sitting under a colourful patio umbrella,  looking out over Lake Ontario, on a beautiful late summer day was a delightful way to spend time.  The only draw back was the annoying bee who was determined to partake of our cider.  Drunken bees must be common place around the county.



We visited several wineries, the cheese factory in Black River, and a farm stand on Highway 33.  Wonderful cheese and a blue pumpkin were purchased.  The blue pumpkin was bought just because it was different. Who wants to have the same decorations on their front porch as the neighbours?

At a small, new winery my son was delighted to find a taco stand in the parking lot. Freshly prepared tacos got thumbs up from him, and he promised to return with his young daughter to introduce her to this tasty treat.

The following day we joined our daughter, son-in-law and 8 other wine enthusiasts in a limo for another wine tour in the county. The ladies all wore pink, princess tiaras.   This coupled with the long, white limo garnered many stares and even a few folks took our photos.  Famous for a day!

Of the 7 stops only 2 were repeats of the previous day.  We purchased some cider and a couple of bottles of wine to enjoy at home later.  Another winery featuring a wood fired pizza oven was discovered in a very Italian setting in the country side.  We plan to return  to sample their pizza during another visit.

Lots of laughter, food, wine and camaraderie were part of both trips.

Of the 2 wine tours the best part was to spend time with our kids and friends.









One thought on “Wine Tour Times Two

  1. Time with your kids, and friends is always the best thing in the world. The “princess tiaras” and famous for a day sounds like it is just what one needs, every once in awhile. Oh yes, nothing but good times here found by all, and so close to where we live. Sounds like we should all take a hint from your post. Live life enjoy. Hug B

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