Transition into Christmas

Thanksgiving and Halloween have come and gone. November 1st, sad, soggy Jack O Lanterns appeared on the curb waiting for compost pick up. Throughout the town people can be seen wearing poppies in remembrance of those who did not return home from various wars and conflicts. Remembrance Day has been observed at the Cenotaph. The community takes time to remember the fallen and reflect on the sacrifice.

Slowly the Christmas decorations appear on lawns and roof tops. I have it on it on good authority that the Grinch will be showing up on a nearby lawn. No one has turned on the lights yet but they are waiting for the switch to be flipped.

My daughters and I have completed our long-standing tradition of chocolate making. This year we made a total of 42 pounds of sweet, peppermint chocolate coated treats. Very few of the chocolates are consumed at home as they become gifts for bus drivers, teachers, co-workers, friends and neighbours. Our chocolate making day is a time to re-connect as a busy family and share laughs and plans for Christmas.

fondant cooling on deck


Chocolates dipped and cooling again


Much to my delight Christmas movies are being featured on television and Christmas music is available on some radio channels. I indulge in the movies like a huge box of chocolates without the calories; that is if I refrain from snacking or having a glass of wine with my viewing.

Craft shows, concerts and bazaars fill the weekend calendars for November and December. Even the mild November weather does not take away from the ramp up of Christmas magic.

Music, decorations, food, movies and the laughter of children make it a season of joy. I feel a little sadness that the feeling of ‘Good Cheer’ does not always extend past December 25th but will embrace it for the next few weeks.


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