And the Countdown Begins

This is a family of Christmas lovers. Once we have taken time to reflect on the sacrifices of the military we are ready to plunge into the good will of the season. My grandfather was a soldier and he always instilled in me the reason for Remembrance Day and to never forget its importance. Our being able to celebrate the holiday season as we wish is only one small part of the freedom we enjoy today.

Yesterday was the day for our annual Christmas Chocolate making. My daughters and I have this tradition to make large batches of peppermint chocolates which we use as gifts for numerous people. Teachers, bus drivers, friends, hair dressers and a multitude of others are the recipient of these sweet treats; very few are consumed in-house.

We must look like a production line at Santa’s work shop. Starting at 7:30 am the fondant is mixed and then rolled and flattened into small patties. At times the kitchen was the scene of what appeared to be a snow storm. I was covered head to toe in white splotches and at one time I waved my hand in front of me to clear the snowy haze.

Approximately 66 dozen chocolates were lined up in the cold on tables on the deck. Once they had set enough the next phase begins. Each little treat has to be dipped in melted chocolate and once again returned to the cold.fondant

The dipping is also a messy endeavour and drips of chocolates joined the icing sugar on my clothes and on the floor. Clean-up involves a lot of vacuuming, mopping and wiping down the counters and stove.


Don’t get my wrong, once all the work is done and the chocolates are packaged we all agree that it is a fun project and the joy on the faces of the recipients makes it all worth while; plus a wonderful bonding time for Mom and Daughters.

By 3:30 pm we part ways and there is talk of hot bathes and resting. This was the official kick-off of the holiday season.

3 thoughts on “And the Countdown Begins

  1. What a wonderful tradition! While I know the gifts are appreciated and you say that few of the chocolates are consumed in-house, I do hope you save some for yourselves, and if they’re lucky, your families.

  2. Oh, how I love your tradition with your daughters. I cannot believe your deck was not visited by pick pockets lol. I guess since the chocolate was lacking made the difference. Love this story. G

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