Yoga Toronto Show

There are many advantages to being retired. For one thing you are not limited to planning outings on the weekend. This past Friday I had the pleasure of attending the “Yoga Toronto Show” at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The energy level is apparent in the Conference Centre as soon as you enter the upper level. All the yogis are there ready to sample classes in the Yoga Garden, healthy snacks or check out the latest in yoga wear and accessories. Men, women and children wander about in a state of joy.

I have never observed so many colourful tights in one place, both for sale and being worn by attendees. My black tights are so yesterday.

The gal at “The Three Minute Egg” booth demonstrated how I could use the eggs with my chair yoga. No, they are not something you eat but rather an ergonomically designed egg shape which can be used to extend your reach or sit and lay comfortably.

Readers might be interested in a previous post about chair yoga:

I feel as though I snacked my way through the show. Wonderful protein bars, protein shakes, fresh juices and many more treats found their way into my mouth and stomach. I treated myself to a roasted red pepper and pesto hummus from the Sunflower Kitchen.

My friend, Christine, participated with a  Pilates group in the Yoga Garden and I took advantage of a presentation by Eckankar Canada, Prayer, Meditation and Contemplation. With only one day to attend we could only take advantage of a small sample of workshops.

It was a pleasure to meet Amanda Bond, Director of PR and Marketing. She made us feel welcome and I can appreciate the huge scope of her job before, during and I am sure after the conference. Job well done.

Tee-shirts with slogans caught my attention and I decided to end this post with my favourite as words to live by;

“Be a Warrior not a Worrier”

3 thoughts on “Yoga Toronto Show

  1. Lillie, it was a pleasure to attend the show with you. It’s so much more fun going with a friend. This was my third time, and I continue to be amazed at it all. I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.

  2. Lillie, thank you for profiling the event. I’m glad you had a chance to sample many of the offerings and styles of yoga available. Thank you kindly for the compliment about my Director role at the Conference. With Gratitude, Amanda

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